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Family Life Insurance
Family Life Insurance

Every parent wants to provide for and protect their family. That's why we'll help you compare family life insurance plans from across the market, finding the best deal for you and your loved ones.

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Over 50's Plan
Over 50's Plan

We all want to make sure our loved ones are cared for after we're gone. If you're aged between 50-80 years, you're guaranteed acceptance, with no medical questions required. Leave more than just memories.

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Critical Illness
Critical Illness

Plans help protect you and your family from the financial impact of many serious health issues. These plans can be used to fund expensive treatments, or to cover extended periods of rest and recovery.

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Funeral Cover
Funeral Cover

The average funeral cost has risen 80% over the past decade, and this trend is expected to continue, which is why various funeral cover plans will let you freeze prices at today's prices - saving you money.

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Pat Gibson "Pat Gibson"
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I thought that my bank would give me the best rates, turns out i saved nearly 25% on what i had been quoted through my bank. Massive saving, thanks!

Tracey  Howells "Tracey Howells"
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My husband and I thought that we wouldn't be able to get a policy at our age, we were wrong! Thanks again.

Gordon Burns "Gordon Burns"
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I had no idea getting life insurance was so easy. Thanks for getting me my quote, it was the best one out there!